What abilities distinguish an “Incredible Due Diligence Consultant“?

If a buyer is contemplating the purchase of a building, he naturally wants precise facts, details, and a thorough background, he wants to know about advantages and possible disadvantages, and he wants to be able to assess future maintenance costs clearly and transparently. apm specialises in rigorous and thorough assessment, as well as the detection of possible hidden problems with property purchases and investment projects. In collaboration with our tax and legal consultants, aps specialists will investigate and analyse the technical condition of an object in a clear and well-informed manner. As a result, our clients receive meaningful information which they can use as a solid basis for decision-making. As a consultancy with a great deal of professional experience, we also use our expertise to provide our clients with appropriate arguments for successful purchase price negotiations.


What abilities distinguish an „Incredible Development Manager and Project Manager“?

We have learned to listen well. The ability to listen is one of the real keys to developing an understanding of others’ wishes, what must be done, and how it all hangs together. Rapidly decoding what is essential while differentiating the significant from the less important are strongly valued elements of our working methods. We speak openly about all relevant details and make clear statements about them. Maintaining absolute loyalty to our clients and unconditional confidentiality are of course core values of our business.

Our strong ‘intuition’ and our ability to take both the big picture and the fine details into account allows us to hone in on the key points of an undertaking. All of these factors save our clients time and money and increase the efficiency with which we implement our clients’ plans. The unaffected style and manner of our internal and external communications with all parties involved in a project is another one of our unique assets. Our range of services and our abilities establish a basis for the successful realisation of projects and undertakings of any size. By enthusiastically concerning ourselves with all relevant details, we open the way to possible competitive advantages for our builders, clients and partners. Our long history clearly shows that you can trust and build on these basic values.


What abilities distinguish an “Incredible Planner”?

Creativity and a love for design and detail in all issues and project phases - these are what make the difference! The breadth of our skills can be seen in the wide-ranging specialist qualifications of our team members. Our specific areas of expertise - teamwork, experience, precision, assertiveness and negotiating skill - enable us to bring a high level of performance and effectiveness to our activities.


What abilities distinguish an “Incredible Site Supervision Expert”?

Natural authority and the ability to manage conflict are of particular value in the process of realising a project. Here the quality of professional leadership, which is essential to every enterprise, comes into its own! At the same time it is important to be able to see the big picture and to choose one’s priorities carefully, while also keeping on top of all other details under consideration.
To love “building”, to love being present on the building site, and to have exceptional staying power - these are all qualities typical of apm, and we live them out with a passion. It is well known that it often takes years to bring a work to completion. Unconditional loyalty to builders, and a will to complete our tasks to the satisfaction of all - this is what we stand for. apm Real Estate Project Developer